Trish G Happy Clients

True: Testimonies from amazing people Trish has styled.
Trish: “I love all the wonderful people I get to style, I love my job.”

Trish is amazing!! She was able to focus my style and simplify my life! Before Trish I was all over the place now my wardrobe is streamlined which is so helpful with my crazy travel lifestyle!

Lisa Bevere, NYTimes Bestseller

It's always exciting to get new clothes and freshen up your style but sometimes I get in a rut. Trish came to the rescue! She picked out clothes for me I wouldn't have thought to try for myself and I LOVED them! She considers all aspects of my life (mom to toddlers, working mom, onstage in front of thousands) and I appreciate it so much. She is so kind and so good at what she does.

Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture Band

There's no one like Trish G to outfit you from head to toe in things you'd never normally choose.. But they look amazing! Stylist of all stylists! Love you Trish G.

Darlene Zschech, Hope UC

Trish is such a blessing! What an assortment of gorgeous clothes she has at her warehouse along with a fun, classy, sassy style. She's one of a kind and you'll never forget the experience she and her team give you.

Joni Lamb, Daystar

Trish is genuine, loving and truly generous. She will give heart, soul and her all in order to make you feel and look wonderful.

Bobbie Houston, Hillsong Church

What a discovery! Thanks so much!! Trish, you turned this old feather duster into a good looking rooster, ha ha. You girls are gorgeous, generous and very, very good at what you do. Guys, if you don't enjoy shopping, think again.

Frankie J Holden, Ol'55

Trish is a supreme stylist, her eye for what suits you is laser sharp. She is a one stop shop fashion stylist who perfectly matches your taste, colour and your image in a professional and nurturing manner.

Pat Mesiti, Motivational Speaker

Trish's Flair for style and her love for people make her the best I know , in the world of Fashion.

Danny Guglielmucci, Edge International

Trish G has made shopping enjoyable for me, usually I can't stand clothes shopping. From the first time we talked l was looking forward to getting the clothes styled for me. I loved the frequent communication, explanation of choices and the prices. Never did I feel forgotten or uncared for. So far this is the kindest & most generous store I have come across.

Doug Cameron, QLD

I was initially apprehensive about walking into a room with a couple of fashion gurus present to have my personal style ripped to shreds. Well it wasn't like that at all. Trish and Renee were so welcoming and encouraging. They were sensitive to my personal tastes and all I can say is this: I had an absolute ball trying on all their recommendations. (Some of which I never would have picked out for myself!) They have such a brilliant eye for what will work with your body shape and they just make you feel a million dollars. Love my wardrobe and whenever I'm on set, I feel confident in what I throw on.

Nalini Tranquim, Motivational Artist

Trish G what can I say a woman that makes your heart sing, is always encouraging and makes everyone she comes in contact with feel beautiful I was starting a new job after being in the same company for a large number of years, I needed a change, a shake up and some inspiration. Trish was recommended to me by a gorgeous friend who had met Trish at a conference. When I met Trish she made me feel at home, inspired and changed my wardrobe so that when I walk out of my house for either work or weekends I feel great, I look great and I receive so many compliments about the amazing new wardrobe I have. Thank you Trish for changing my world also filling me with love and confidence! Every time I come and visit you know my style, what works for my body and how to make me look amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Suzanne Frazer, Total Loss Coach Coles Victoria

Trish styles by personality not size or age. At 51 I don't want to dress like a 'more mature' woman but I certaintly can't dress like a teenager. Although I still want to look funky, Trish chooses great things, some of which I wouldn't normally choose for myself. I always get compliments from others. Trish has definitely made me feel more confident and relaxed about what I wear.

Sue Mulhare, QLD

I stepped off the plane in Melbourne and right into Trish G store. It was like Trish saw who I was destined to be and encouraged me to shine everyday!! I put on my new wardrobe Everyday from Trish, it's more than just clothes - it represents the new 'me'. Thank you Trish and your beautiful team for your encouragement in seeing who I AM.

Melissa Broughton, New Zealand

Trish has the ability to bring to the forefront the true beauty that is within a person. She has a gift that transforms people's perceptions on how they view themselves.

Terri Hourigan, Gold Coast