About Trish

About Trish

Trish G started as a well-known boutique in Melbourne, Australia. After 12 years, with an increasing number of customers and a huge demand to launch an online styling service, she has finally turned her dream into a reality.

Offering, Online Styling – with hundreds of garments for both women and men at her stunning warehouse in the heart of Melbourne.

Trish has a team of over 50 stylists from all over Australia that she mentors and trains on a weekly basis.

Trish travels around Australia and beyond speaking corporately to women and men about style and beauty,
she also gives away thousands of dollars worth of garments annually.
Her generosity is like no other.

Trish is a stand out woman who brings a different flare to the fashion world.

So who is Trish? Let’s ask.

What do you do? 

I’m a fashion stylist who gets to play dress ups with people daily and it’s FUN!

Describe your personality?

Easy going, positive, fun and love to encourage people 24/7, everyone is amazing and I like to remind them of that.

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Thomastown, Melbourne. (one of the rough areas of Melbourne.) My husband loves to say you can take the girl out of Thomastown, but you can’t take Thomastown out of the girl. So in other words don’t mess with me. HAHA!

Describe your style? 

I like to style by mood. Sometimes elegant, sometimes grungy, sometimes full of bling! I have many styles but one personality! LOL.

Who has influenced your style? 

No one! I never buy magazines or look on the internet! I believe that we all have our own identity and that reflects the way we style. So I help people find their style. (It’s under there somewhere.)

Favourite piece of clothing?

BIG earrings are my statement piece. I have many favourites. (Usually heavily beaded or long & sheer!)

Favourite quote?

“Wear your own expression.” Trish G

What’s on your playlist? 

All 80’s & 90’s

Can you share a trend and a general misconception of that trend? 

There will always be a trend or style that is going around for a while. It’s usually a celebrity or public figure who creates these trends. It’s fun to gather ideas from them but never to be dictated or pressured by trends, it’s just a style for that season. I believe we all have our own look which will reflect our own personal style.

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